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What is Kamagra Gold 100?

  • Kamagra Gold 100 is a medicine produced by Ajanta Pharma that was launched in 2012. It belongs to the group of medicines called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors.
  • Kamagra Gold 100 mg contains Sildenafil as the active ingredient responsible for its efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Side effects may happen during treatment with this medication, but they are generally mild and short-term; they disappear after discontinuation or their dosage lowering.
  • As a result, it helps relax the muscles around the male sexual organ, thus increasing blood flow to the penis, which makes the male organ ready for intercourse for extended periods.


  • Ajanta Pharma is a privately owned pharmaceutical company that has been active in India since 1997. They specialized in producing low-cost generics based on experience and technology acquired during their active years in financing and marketing.
  • Kamagra Glod 100 contains Sildenafil, an ingredient used in Viagra (Sildenafil citrate), a medicine created by Pfizer for erectile dysfunction treatment. It’s also used for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, angina pectoris, peripheral vascular disease and reproductive disorders.

Dose of Kamagra Gold:

The dose of Kamagra Gold is 100 mg containing Sildenafil manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, a pharmaceutical company registered in India. You can consume it based on your doctor’s prescription.

Miss Dose:

  • People who forgot to take their Kamagra Gold for 100 days or need a dose increase are recommended to take medicine immediately.
  • They shouldn’t wait until their next dose, nor should they start with a higher dosage. The missed doses have to be followed by taking them right away.
  • It should be done at the same time that day, even if it’s too late for the Kamagra gold 100 dosage the user missed.

Over Dose:

  • In case of overdose, the people taking Kamagra will start feeling side effects such as nausea and diarrhoea.
  • If they have taken more than they should have, they should stop taking medicine and contact their doctor.
  • In addition, they shouldn’t take any other medications while taking Kamagra Gold 100 because it may cause unwanted side effects if mixed with any medication.
  • Also, children shouldn’t take the drug, as it’s not recommended for people with severe liver problems.

How to take Kamagra Gold?

  • People that buy Kamagra Gold 100 should take it only once a day, at the same time each day.
  • Before taking it, one should be thirsty because the medication has been dissolved in water and is safe to drink.
  • Still, if there’s even a tiny clump left in the glass or if it’s not adequately mixed with water, people might feel uncomfortable after drinking this mixture or have nausea and stomach upset.

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How long Does Kamagra Gold work?

  • There’s a lot of information about the time it takes to work at Kamagra Gold. The time the medicine takes to work depends on conditions and severity.
  • Some people state that after an hour or two, they start feeling better, but it may also take longer for them to work.
  • The symptoms of erectile dysfunction don’t disappear in a short time; they mainly start showing after half an hour of the drug treatment. People with a severe allergy shouldn’t use this medication to any components of Kamagra Gold 100 mg tablet or any other medicines for erectile dysfunction treatment in general.

Side Effects:

  • Lightheadedness and dizziness: these side effects might occur when the dosage is not followed correctly.
  • Upset stomach: Side effects reported are nausea, stomach upset, and indigestion.
  • Body aches could be due to different causes; the most common ones are headaches and body pain like back pain or muscle pain.
  • Sleep problems: sleep problems and difficulty sleeping may be caused by the medication or an overdose. Because of these side effects, driving a car or operating heavy machinery while taking Kamagra Gold is not recommended. Still, otherwise, people that take this medicine should not have difficulty falling asleep.

Warning And Precautions:

  • Kamagra Gold 100 is safe to use and has been examined by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for human use.
  • However, the medicine shouldn’t be taken by people with severe liver problems, diabetes and heart conditions because it may cause hypersensitivity reactions.
  • Also, people that take this kind of medication are required to avoid taking any other medications on the same day they take Kamagra.
  • In addition, Kamagra Gold 100 is not recommended for people with heart disease, and it’s particularly not recommended if the patient has a bleeding disorder.
  • It shouldn’t be taken with nitrates, alpha-blockers or recreational drugs, for example, Viagra.
  • People that have used Viagra before shouldn’t take Kamagra Gold 100 because it might cause unwanted side effects.
  • To purchase it, you have to be older than 18 years old, but in some states of the United States, they require that you are 21 years old to buy it.

Where to buy Kamagra Gold?

  • People may purchase the medication from its official producers, where it guarantees the most authentic and quality-tested product. You can also check Kamagra Gold 100 Review.
  • People can also buy it in places where drugs are sold, but the seller might not carry Ajanta Pharma’s label; there may be differences in the packaging of Kamagra Gold.
  • Some people prefer to Buy Kamagra Gold by themselves at low prices because they may save money from the treatment of erectile dysfunction if this medicine is appropriately used and not when it’s needed.


  1. What’s the difference between Generic and Generic?

Generic is another name for the product or the medicine created by using the existing formula of medicine; it’s sold by generic manufacturers, like Ajanta Pharma. The name of medicine becomes generic because it’s based on commercial usage; they don’t have to patent or trademark their products.

  1. Do I need a prescription to buy Kamagra Gold?

No one should buy Kamagra Gold 100 online without a prescription, just like people that take any other medication should go to their doctor if they’ve been prescribed or recommended any erectile dysfunction treatment drug.

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80 Tablet/s, 100 Tablet/s, 120 Tablet/s

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Ajanta Pharma Ltd


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6 To 15 days

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